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( Copyright Wychwoods Local History Society. Page updated February 2017 )


The Wychwoods Local History Society holds a substantial archive of materials relating to the three Wychwood villages of Shipton, Milton and Ascott, and of other villages within the former Wychwood Parish.

The archive contains copies of ;

            -The parish registers from the sixteen century,        

            -Nineteenth century censuses,

            -Poor law records,

            -Oral history recordings and transcripts,

            - A selection of maps,

            -Over 2000 photographs,

and many old documents and books, all of which are available for local and family historians.


We are always looking to expand the archive and would love to receive any photographs or documents that are of local interest.


If you would like to speak to us about the archives then contact us here.


A team of our members have been digitalising all our archive of photographs. We hope to have all of these available online soon. A few have been uploaded already and can be seen here

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