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Wychwoods History, Number 11 (1996) £3.00

Shipton Small Tithes 1727-34; Memories of Ascott; Ascott Priory Tithes; The Chaundys of Ascott; 'Where There's Muck...'; Agistment - a Tithing Nightmare; Asthall Roman Camp; A Determined Emigrant.


Wychwoods History, Number 12 (1997) £3.00

Welfare in the Wychwoods 1700-1834; From Annie to Barbara - Five Generations of a Shipton Family; More Memories of Ascott; Sheepwashing & the Ascott Sheepwash; The Barters of Sarsden and Salome of Natal; Lady Harriet Reade; The Wychwooders Lament; Springhill Farm.


Wychwoods History; Number 13 (1998) £3.00

Mother Shipton; Gwen Morgan, a Milton teacher; Doctor's Bill; Killing the Pig; Occupations 1785-1817; The Stampe Family; Farming Memories of Chadlington.


Wychwoods History, Number 14 (1999) £3.00 

Crime & Punishment in 1790, a Tale of Wychwood Men; John Chapman's Legacy; A Bouquet of Roses; A Roman Villa at Upper Milton?; Cospatrick Tragedy; The Agricultural Ladder; Memories of Shipton Station.


Wychwoods History, Number 15 (2000) £3.50

Survey of Earthworks at Ascott d'Oilley Castle; A Wychwoods Farming Year 1854-55; Shipton and Religion in Sixteenth Century; Medieval Pottery in Wychwoods; Burford to Banbury Turnpike Road; Wychwood Manors in Domesday ;Book; What's in a Name?


Wychwoods History, Number 16 (2001) £3.50

Hartley Heritage Part One; Shipton & the Foxe Family; James Longshaw of Shipton, Musician; Care in the Community Eighteenth-century Style; Ascott Tollgate Board; The Millennium Fieldwalk; Assigning Quarters in the Wychwoods 1939-45.


Wychwood History, Number 17 (2002) £3.50

His Name be not Forgotten; From Village Medicine Cupboard and College; Some Wychwood Neighbourhoods about 1900: Milton; Who’s Heard of Daffy’s?; Reuben Rainbow’s Diary; Recollections of John Richards.


Wychwood History, Number 18 (2003) £3.50

Chesnut Close; Local Casualties in a Forgotten War in Iraq; Some Wychwood Neighbourhoods about 1900;Wychwood Local History Society The First 21 Years; Hartley Heritage Pt 2.


Wychwood History, Number 19 (2004) £3.50

400th anniversary Shipton Court Special . Shipton Court Revisited; The Lacys; The Site of Shipton Court and the Manor House; Shipton Court Doveloft; The Reade Family; The Most Mature Reflections - Dame Harriott Reade; Local Country Houses during Victoria's Reign; The Dispersal of the Shipton Court Estate1913-1947; The Pepper Family 1901-1919; The Thomson Family 1919-1931; Life at Shipton Court in the Mid-Twentieth Century; Court and School.


Wychwood History, Number 20 (2005) £3.50

Joan Rein Remembers; Milton Church 1854-2004; Roman Activity at Swinbrook; Shipton and the Church Courts; Albert Oliver MM; The People of the Wychwoods in 1881; Traditional Dance Musicians of the Wychwood Villages



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